Carpet Cleaning

We offer three different methods of carpet cleaning to fit your needs

The Encapsulation Cleaning Process:
Encapsulation fixes common commercial carpet cleaning problems It eliminates recurring spill stains and wicking. The crystallizing polymer encapsulates soil so it can be extracted with routine vacuuming. There is no sticky residue so it can’t attract soil. What you’ll see is incredibly bright and clean carpet, day-in day-out.


Water Extraction:
The pressurized hot water extraction (PHWE) process uses a combination of high water pressure for agitation, and hot water to increase reaction rate. Example of the steam cleaning method, using a carpet cleaning wand.


Bonnet Cleaning:
Bonnet cleaning is an interim-maintenance program typically used in commercial cleaning situations. It is considered a low-moisture cleaning system. This process only cleans the face fibers; it does not get the deep down cleaning results from processes such as shampooing and hot water extraction.